Friday, 2 August 2013

July's dislikes! / Les flops de Juillet!

Hello beauties,

Following the july's favorites post, I thought it would be helpful to do a dislike product(s) of the month as well. What is more annoying that saving up and buying something you do not end up loving?! Well here are two products I bought this month and maybe it is simply the way I use it but I will not be re-purchusing. 


Bonjour les beautés,

En continuation avec mon billet sur mes petits chouchous du mois, j'ai cru intéressant vous faire part de produit(s) que j'ai moins aimé. Quoi de plus énervant que d'économiser  et d'acheter un produit qui à la fin, on n'aime pas tant que ça?! C'est peut-être juste la façon que je les utilises mais les produits suivant n'ont pas fonctionné pour moi! 

I've heard good things about the BaByliss PRO line, and so far I have been liking their simple Argan Oil so I decided to try the Restorative Mask. For a 15$ product, I do not like the way it works. I love the scent to it, but after washing it off and drying my hair I felt as if my hair were greasy and needed to be washed again! Anyone else had this problem? I wanted to like it, but I tried it a few times and the result is the same. Are you liking any hair mask at the moment? If so, which ones?!

2. Cleansing Cloths - 4.99$

I picked these up as I ran out of my other ones and they were the least expensive ones. They work very well to remove make-up all over the face but the smell is very strong. Also, they do not have that fresh feeling I like after using them. If scents do not bother you, it would actually be a great product as the price is great and they work well as far as removing make-up. 

Anything you tried and do not recommend?!

July's Favorites! Les petits chouchous du mois de Juillet!

Hi Lovelies,

One thing I really enjoy lately is watch Favorite videos from various Youtube Beauty Gurus. I don't know how more entertaining it could get! That being said, it gave me the idea to do a Favorites segment as well. I love trying out new products so i like to get reviews before I spend my money on stuff that doesn't really work. I have been trying a few products this month and I have been loving a few! 

Bonjour les beautés,

Dernièrement, je dois avoir regarder une centaine de vidéos sur les chaînes de mes Gurus favorites sur les produits qu'elles adorent chaque mois. Sérieusement, j'adore le fait d'avoir du feedback avant de me rendre au magasin et d'acheter un nouveau produit alors que je ne sais pas s'il fonctionne vraiment! Donc, j'ai décidé de moi aussi faire un segment avec mes favoris pour le mois qui vient de passer. Ce mois-ci, j'ai essayé plusieurs nouveaux produits et voici ceux que j'ai adorés!

pheewww that is a long name for a product! It is an eye care product as well as a concealer. The reason why I love this product is definitely for it's eye care properties as I do not like the concealing coverage it provides. I love the tingly-cooling feeling when applying in the morning. It's made with caffeine which gives you an extra boost, but after a few weeks using it, I find my dark circles less noticeable which is awesome! Great product overall even thought it surely wasn't love at first sight! 

Since I re-discovered this line of product, I only swear by these. I have been using this every single day, it make my skin glow, it's super moisturizing which is great for summer. I bought a few scents and will definitely be re-buying all over whenever they go on sale. 

3. Nivea Express Eye make-up Remover - On sale for 5.99$

I am in love with this product. First off, it removes all of the eye make-up in only one swipe. The price point is a big plus, and it doesn't make my eye sting! I give it a A for Awesome and will surely re-buy this product.


This is the biggest surprise of the month. I was browsing at Sephora when this little gem caught my eye. I have heard of it's great smell by a beauty guru on Youtube, so when I saw it on sale I grabbed it immediately. The whole Hello Kitty line is far from my style, but this smell is very great! It is super fresh and perfect for the summer. Referring to the packaging, this is it's scent; Cassis Sorbet, Italian Mandarin, Apple, Magnolia Blossom, Freesia, Orange Flower, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Musk. If you are looking for a sexy, summer night scent, this is perfect for you! 

Nice product, applies easily, but beautiful shade for the summer. I've been wearing this none stop on my nails and my toes! 

I have seriously been using this product everyday since I got it last January. I am in love with this. It is a great shade an perfect for contouring and giving an healthy look. I will be purchasing this over and over as I really like it.

I have been looking for a good fast dry nail polish top coat since my previous one went smudgy after a few weeks. I am so far liking this as it does dry the nail in 60 sec and prevents chipping. I like that they are drops as it does not smudge my polish while applying. I hope it last longer than the Insta-Dri Anti-Chip top coat! 

8. Heel & Callus balm by barefoot - On sale 2.77$

Wearing flip flops all the time during summer it is very important to have nice and smooth feet. I grabbed this on sale at my last Wal-Mart trip and I am liking it. The peppermint and plum scent seems unusual but i like the fresh effect the peppermint brings as well as the sweetness of the plum! I applied this before going to bed and it has been helping having nice feet! 

What were your favorites of the month?! Anything new you tried and loved? Let me know in the comments! :) 

Also stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway!